OK John, I say more on your post.

Le 03-août-06, à 23:05, John M a écrit :

> To All:
> I know my questions below are beyond our comprehension, but we read 
> (and
> write) so much about this idea that I feel compelled to ask:
>  is there any idea why there would be 'comp'? our computers require 
> juice to
> work and if unplugged they represent a very expensive paperweight.


> What kind of "computing unit" (universe? multiverse, or some other 
> satanic
> 'verse') would run by itself without being supplied by something that 
> moves
> it?

Space and movement would be how numbers see themselves, in case comp is 
assumed (that is in case you say "yes" to the doctor).

> I hate to ask about its program as well, whether it is an "intelligent
> design"?

Even without comp, but with the weaker "everything idea" we have 
already throw out the "intelligent design" idea. The problem is "what 
is "everything"?". With comp, actually with just Church thesis, we do 
have a notion of universality which is formalism and theory 
independent. It is one of the major discovery of last century. It is 
unique in math.

> Is it a pseudnym for some godlike mystery?
> Are we reinventing the religion?

See my preceding post.



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