Norman Samish wrote:
> 1Z,
> I don't know what you mean.

That is unfortunate, because as far as I am concerned everyhting
I am saying is obvious. (Have you read "The fabric of Reality" ?)

>  Perhaps I can understand your statement, but
> only after I get answers to the following questions:
> 1) What do you mean by "Quantum computer"?

A computer that exploits quantum superpositions to achieve parallelism.

> 2) What do you mean by "Quantum universe"?

A universe (or multiverse) in which quantum physics is a true
description of reality.

> 3) Why is a Quantum Computer only possible in a Quantum Universe?

It exploits quantum physics.

> 4)  Why is Schrodinger's Cat possible in "quantum universes"  without
> computational assistance?

Superpositions are an implication of quantum mechanics. Schrodinger's
was mooted decades before anyone even thought of  quantum computaion.

> Norman
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> > Norman Samish wrote:
> >> I recently read somebody's speculation that the reality we inhabit may be
> >> a quantum computer.   Presumably when we observe Schrodinger's cat
> >> simultaneously being killed and not killed, we are observing the quantum
> >> computer in action.
> >
>  Quantum computers are only possible in quantum universes, and in quantum
> universes, S's C is possible without computational assistance.

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