Quentin Anciaux wrote:
> Hi,
> concerning process and programs, all boils down to the timeless/time argument.
> I'm astonished that you accept time as is, I mean if time there is it has been
> created at the same time as our universe in the bigbang. Time begin when the
> universe begin, so you accept that time can occur in a timeless system
> because if you don't then it means time existed before it was created... that
> make me write nonsensical sentences ;)

We don't know what the BB emerged out of. It might have had
more than enough ontological resources to generate time. It did not
have time as we know it , but for all we know
time as we know it is a mere privation or degenerate case of
some funky hyper-time.

But we do know what the resources of Platonia are.

It is a very wide, but very flat country; it contains every possible
static eternal
structure, but only static, eternal structures.

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