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"... A counterfactual is a COUNTERfactual - -it is
something that could have happenned but didn't. There is no
reason why we should be conscious of in things
we coudl have done but didn't. ..."

It could not have happened in another way if it did happen THIS way.. WE may
think - in our limited circle of knowledge - that something else was also
viable, but in the deterministic world of  a total (unlimited, not
model-enclosed) interconnectedness - whatever happened, was "the" possible
way of events.
I am not talking about HP universes or thought experiments.

The same argument holds against "bifurcation" when the scientist has a
(limited?) fantasy and can 'think' of another (ONE?) option for the real
happening and builds a theory on it. Because of such argumentation some
researchers started to talk about not 'bi'-, but "multifurcation" which was
not so bad, but not better indeed.
Any better definition for counterfactuals?

John M

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