Le 22-sept.-06, à 08:16, Russell Standish a écrit :

> On Thu, Sep 21, 2006 at 04:16:53PM +0200, Bruno Marchal wrote:
>> Russell, when you say "nothing external exist", do you mean "nothing
>> primitively material" exist, or do you mean there is no independent
>> reality at all, not even an immaterial one?  (I ordered your book but 
>> I
>> am still waiting :)
>> Bruno
>> http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~marchal/
> The latter.

I am not sure this makes sense for me.

> To be more precise, I identify Nothing with
> undifferentiated form, a bit like the Chaos of the ancient Greeks.

OK but that is a big "Nothing".

> To
> be even more precise, I identify it with the zero information object, 
> or
> the set of all strings.

That is bigger and bigger. This confirms my feeling that we should use 
the axiomatic method, because terminology is confusing.

> Any person's experience is obtained by
> differentiating - selecting something from that "nothing".
> The relationship between this zero information object, and
> arithmetical platonia is a bit unclear, but I would say that anything
> constructible (Sigma_1) must be extractable from the zero information
> object.

OK then. But this means you are an arithmetical realist, and that an 
external "reality" exist, for example your strings, or your set of 
strings, and I am still more confused by your saying there is not even 
an immaterial external reality, which would be solipsism with a 



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