Colin Geoffrey Hales wrote:
> "1Z" wrote:
>>Bruno Marchal wrote:
>>>It would be a problem if the actual infinities or infinitesimals were
> thrid person describable *and* playing some role in the process of
> individuating consciousness. In that case comp is false.
>>>About solipsism I am not sure why you introduce the subject. It seems
> to me nobody defend it in the list.
>>Explainning matter as a pattern of experiences , rather than in
>>a "stuffy" way, is methodological solipsism.
> I am doing a detailed look at the relationship between solipsism and
> science. I am writing it up...will post it on the list (if that's
>'s not too big!) when it's Ok to read.. I am surprised at what I
> found. The feedback on solipsism is interesting...
> Russel is right in the sense that 'as-if' instrumentalism seems to
> characterise scientific behaviour...where scientists act 'as-if' the
> external world existed. At the same time, the facts of neuroscience tell
> us that scientific evidence arrives as contents of phenomenal
> consciousness, so science is, in fact, all about correlated appearances...
> and it is an 'as-if' solipsism. That is, science is also acting 'as-if'
> solipsism ( as per "1Z" 'methodological solipsism) defines the route to
> knowledge but is actually in denial of solipsism!

You talk about "as-if" as though it had no empirical support and was a mere 
assumption.  I see other people.  When I sleep and wake up I see the same 
Denial of solipism is as well supported empirically as my own historical 
existence - 
which I know of only through memory and some artifacts.  I'm afraid you are 
into radical skepticism which if applied consistently will leave you with no 
knowledge of anything.

Brent Meeker

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