STEP 6:  Initial state, 'axioms'


The initial state of the EC axiom set is 1 huge collection of phase related
The (*) means that all the axioms are coincident - there is no 'space' yet.
No concept of place. The number of spatial dimensions is equal to the number
of axioms.

1) Think of ( ) as a loop that goes up and around the left bracket, across
to the top of the right bracket, down the right bracket and across to the
left again. Serendipitously the match with Church's Lambda calculus is not
altered by this mental trick.

2) To initialise a relevant collection of ( ) as axioms is to construct
them, but to construct them IN PHASE. Not all exactly in phase. All that is
needed is to have the ( ) sufficiently in phase to enable their mutual
interaction. Two ( ) can merge if they happen to transit through the same
state as another coincident ( ) in such a way as they a) simply take over
each other (in of phase) or combine to construct a single structure
(notionally larger). In the process unused portions can be shed this is a
dissipative process. If there is no shedding then the combining process is

3) This is where an understanding of dynamic hierarchies will help. Turtles.
The initialisation (construction) of EC axioms can happen from sea of
randomness. In other words the fluctuations are made of sub-fluctuations.
The origins of the sea of randomness can be traced back to more esoteric
considerations of 'nothing' and the 'infinite' - outside the necessary scope
of EC. All that has to happen is that ever so often - very very rarely, but
statistically inevitable, like the one raindrop that hits your nose, you
will get massive numbers of simultaneous phase coherence of similar ( )
fluctuations. The phase coherence doesn't have to be perfect. 

4) The EC fluctuations, being made of sub-fluctuations (turtles) will have a
characteristic depending on the ratio of the EC axiom 'extent' (the number
of sub-fluctuations that create one EC fluctuation). This means that the
final EC outcome will be critically dependent on the dynamic of the EX

5) This process is, I think, what we would call the big bang. The phase
variance is, I think, made visible in what we see as the cosmic background

6) The process of reversion of EC axioms to their original noise is that we
see as reality driven by the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Each time a chunk of
on of the original EC axiom is dispersed to a lower level of organisation
within the proof, the net proof 

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