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Having got deeper into the analysis, what I have found is that EC is
literally an instantated lamba calculus by Church. So all I have to do is
roughly axiomatise EC in Church's form and I'm done. So that is what I am
doing. I'll be directly referring to church's original work. Once that is
done I can use Godel's incopmpleteness theorem to show vitual theorems in
EC (=virtual matter).

Computationally it will be a functional language like Haskell, not an
object/state based language, that correcttly depicts how EC works in a
cellular automata. But that cellular automata will be having no
experiences and I think I can prove it.

Remember what I want to do is apply EC to a set of integrative levels in
brain material and show its prediction of virtual bosons as the virtual
matter of experience.

bear with me....


Colin Hales

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