> Are you saying that you disallow lambda expression having the shape:
>     (LAMBDA (X) F)
> with no occurrence of X in F?

The brackets I have used to date are not the brackets of the lambda
calculus. I think physically, not symbolically. I find the jargon really
hard to relate to.

> Put in another way, do you take elimination of information as a
> primitive like in the usual lambda lambda-K calculus, or do you follow
> really the original lambda-I calculus of Church. (In term of
> combinator: do you allows the kestrel K (cf Kxy = y).

I am going to try and do it all in the original church calculus because
all the job is is a single long string that slowly collapses and the
collections of symbols form structures as it does so. All I have to do is
instantate. After that, we isolate virtual theorems. After that we
construct an occupant of the string that can use virtual theorems to
construct a view of the rest of the string.

As the string evolves it will be disposing of bits of itself. If this is
what you mean by losing information, then that is what is happeneing.
There is no end to the 'reduction' involved, except that the string will
dissappear. There is no 'result'. It is a rolling process.

> If you translate the hypostases in lambda-calculus, the third person
> description allows information elimination, but the comp-physics (third
> person plural hypostases) normally should not (see my Elsevier paper).

There is no computer involved. The string is the computer. The string
collapses under its own natural drive to dispose of chunks of itself. What
this is as a 'hypostase' I have no idea. The idea is to show subjectivity
going on within the string.

I have been stuffing my head with lambda calculus. Seems OK.

> I would suggest you to develop this in a web page or in a pdf, and to
> refer to it, perhaps.

Yeah... symbols aren't so good to manipulate in text.



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