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<snip> ...   On the other hand, I see many people die because they
judge that life is not worth living.  I see others paradoxically
getting killed for the ideas or illusions that give them a reason for
living (what is called a reason for living is also an excellent reason
for dying).  I therefore conclude that the meaning of life is the most
urgent of questions."

There is an analogy between "meaning of life for entity X", and "consistency of machine/theory X". There is a sense in which "the consistency of X" is both the most important fact and the most futile question for machine X. It is important because of the importance of being consistant. It is futile because the consistency question of X is beyond X's abilities. Now with self-modifying machine, some nuance should be added. Want just to say that "meaning of life" question can be related to self-consistency interrogation. Recall also that somehow "meaning of life" question are addressed by "machine/human" who have the luck to be able to drink water when thirsty. If you lack water or food, meaning of life resume in searching water and food, which for many can seems as more urgent ...

Besides the question of how meaning relates to this List, the question
of meaning itself can be asked at several different levels, so I'll
list a few:

1) Why does the universe exist?  Why is there something rather than
2) Why do human beings in general exist?
3) Why do I exist?

And comp can "reduce" such question to just one mystery: numbers. I like to paraphrase Kronecker on this:
God created the integers, all the rest are constructions by integers.
For example, the question "why do I exist" is similar in that context to the question "why am I the reconstituted in washington and not the one in Moscow". We can explain why we cannot answer that question.

The purpose of listing these three questions is not to deal with all of
them on this thread necessarily, but to show that the question of the
meaning of life really is connected to the universal questions that
this list tries to address.  One's answer to any one of these questions
can affect his/her answer to the other questions.

I agree with you. This is illustrated by the recurrence of such basic theme on the list. It is related to the problem of the place of "theological question" in the search of a theory of everything. Even if Jesus was not the son of God, or if the universe does not primitively exist, we have to explain such "illusions" in the discourse of the numbers/machine.

It seems that we all have to eventually come to the question of the end
of our lives.  (Even if immortality, quantum or other kinds, is a
reality, the question of the end of our lives is a topic addressed even
on this List.)

Sure. It is also related to the cul-de-sac hypothesis, itself related to the "Kripke multiverse" related to the model of the modal logic attached to the person points of view.

So as one man on United Flight 93 said before giving
his life to save others, "Let's roll!"


"You ask me about the meaning of life?  Good Lord, I don't even know my
way around Chinatown!" - Woody Allen

The meaning of life could be the life of meaning,



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