Brent Meeker wrote:
>> >[SP] The common sense view is that there is an
>> underlying primitive physical reality generating this appearance
> Your assumption of "underlying primitive physical reality" puts you
> in the line of believers. It is not necessary to make such assumption
> to build predictive theories to model/describe the observations.

.>But it's not necessarily an assumption.  You can look at it as a
metaphysical inference:
.> an answer to the question,
.>"Why do these models seem to work so well at describing our
intersubjective agreement?"

How about common sense answer: "Just because I'm so damn smart."
So, we may remain within paradigm of observation/explanation and no
need for metaphysics being involved. It may be useful to make
"underlying reality" assumption for some theories if it is
essential and irreducible part of it but I'm not aware about any of
such examples.

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