Le 14-juin-07, à 18:13, John Mikes a écrit :

> I wonder about Bruno's (omniscient) Lob-machine, how it handles a 
> novelty.

Did you receive my last mail? I quote below the relevant part. To be 
sure, there is a technical sense, in logic, of "omniscience" in which 
the lobian machines are "omniscient". But I doubt that you are using 
"omniscience" in that technical sense. Let me ask you what you mean by 



> John:
> I know that you ask your oimniscient Loebian machine,

Aaah... come on. It is hard to imagine something less omniscient and 
more modest than the simple lobian machine I interview, like PA whose 
knowledge is quite a tiny subset of yours.
You are still talking like a *pregodelian* mechanist. Machine can no 
more be conceived as omniscient, just the complete contrary.
And adding knowledge makes this worse. You can see consciousness 
evolution as a trip from G to G*, but that trip makes the gap between G 
and G* bigger. The more a universal machine knows, the more she will be 
*relatively* ignorant.
With comp, knowledge is like a light in the dark, which makes you aware 
of the bigness of the explorable reality, and beyond.



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