On Sun, Jun 17, 2007 at 11:17:50PM -0000, David Nyman wrote:
> All this has massive implications for issues of will (free or
> otherwise), suffering, software uploading of minds, etc., etc. - which
> I've indicated in other posts.  Consequently, I'd be really interested
> in your response, because AFAICS this must be either right(ish),
> wrong(ish), or not-even-wrong(ish).  But if right(ish), potentially it
> gives us a basis for speaking the same language, even if my suggested
> vocabulary is jettisoned for an improved version.  It's certainly
> intended to be Occamish.
> David

David, I was unable to perceive a question in what you just wrote. I
haven't a response, since (sadly) I was unable to understand what you
were talking about. :(



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