On Sunday 17 June 2007 02:02:28 Colin Hales wrote:
> "What is the kind of universe we must live in if the electromagnetic field
> structure of the brain delivers qualia?"
> A. It is NOT the universe depicted by the qualia (atoma, molecules,
> cells...). It is the universe whose innate capacity to deliver qualia is
> taken advantage of when configureed like it appears when we use qualia
> themselves to explore it....cortical brain matter. (NOTE: Please do not
> make the mistake that sensors - peripheral affect -  are equivalent to
> qualia.)

I will only react to this...

What is cortical brain matter ? does it exists by itself ? if so, what is it 
composed of ? (matter ?) what is matter ? what is brain ? why cortical brain 
matter generates qualia ? why it must be so ? is qualia a dependance of 
cortical brain matter or the inverse ? is qualia responsible of what looks 
like cortical brain matter or is it cortical brain matter that makes feel 
qualia which in turns ask question about cortical brain matter ?


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