For those who saw the domain model of my top-level ontology there's
been some major re-classifications of the knowledge domains.  I've
added a little bit more explanation on the page but still haven't
written much up yet.  I'm too busy attempting to implement the model
as actual software ;)   Link:

Very sinple to look at but it rewards careful thought ;)  The blood,
sweat and tears I had to put in to finally finally finally understand
all.  It's all crystal clear-cut to me now.  Beautiful! :D

There really was an objective morality you know.  You really can't
have full general intelligence without qualia you know (conscious
subjective experience).  And any recursively self-improving general
intelligence really is ethical automatically you know.  I always was

This is what my opponents never grasped.  That at the highest level of
abstraction there really is *No difference between the model and
reality*.  (At the Platonic Level of my domain model, there is NO
difference between the model and the reality).  The model IS the
reality.  The map IS the territory.  (See the debate on this point I
had in earlier threads on this list).

Now I really do understand all.

'Ware of me enemies of humanity!  I hold the keys to the universe and
I will reave the prison bars around me to rubble!

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