Addendum:  Some further revisions since yesterday... I was almost
there yesterday but not quite.  The last of my confusions have
cleared.  The final revision for my top-level onotlogy is completely
'locked in'.  Added brief descriptions of top-level classes:

The important point is that there appear to be 27 fundamental
ontological primatives for reality which cannot be simplified or
merged any further.  These 27 primatives generate 27 irreducible
classes for any completely general model of reality.  And the classes
appear to be related to each other in a very precise way.  Below I
give the brief descriptions of what I believe these classes to be and
the domain model (see link below) hints at the precise nature of the
relationship I think I may have discovered.  I now believe I
understand literally 'everything' (in the general conceptual sense at
least).  Of course the devils is in the details and decades may pass
before a precise new scientific theory emerges.  Be patient whilst I
write up more information about my theory, since I've revealed very
little so far.  But I'm very very very confident but I've hit the
metaphorical bullseye at the center of literally everything.

The 27 fundamental irreducible classes are as follows:

Field Physics: Laws of space and time

Thermodynamics: Laws of energy exchange

Mechanics: Laws of the action of forces

Computational Physics: Physical systems

Chemistry: Physical transformations

Robotics: Directed physical actions

Solid State Physics: Properties of static concrete objects

Engineering: Properties of static complex structures

Data Communications: Properties of communication hardware and
information theory

Virtue: Ideals for personal goals or the study or Eudaimonia (Self

Morality: Ideals for social interaction or the study of Liberty

Aesthetics: Ideals for communication or the study of Beauty

Social Psychology: Roles and Personas of agents

Decision Theory: The process of agent decision making

Communication: Agent interaction for the exchange of meaningful

Economics: Goods and Services

Memetics: Cultural Beliefs

Linguistics: Social Languages

Symbolic Logic: Formal systems and Mathematical foundations

Category Theory: Numbers and Algebra

Calculus: Analysis: Limits and Rates of Change

Theory Of Computation: Formal Proof Theory and Deductive Reasoning

Bayesian Induction: Probability Theory and Inductive Reasoning

Reflective Possibility Theory: Reflective Reasoning

Software: Computer Programs and Applications

Software Engineering: Design, Analysis and Implementation of software

Modelling Languages: Scientific/Programming languages for data


Annotation in my Log-Book reads:

Date:  06 August, 2007
Time:  4.45pm
Place: 'Gloria Jean's Coffee', Borders, Queen Street, Auckland,New

Note: At this time I completed the top-level MCRT Ontology.  At the
conceptual level this is the day I finally understood everything!
About 5 years have passed since I first started trying for the top-
level ontology of reality.  (Date Started: Mid 2002.  Date Finished:
Aug, 2007).

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