On Aug 21, 3:10 am, Mark Peaty <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I searched in vain 
> forhttp://marc.geddes.googlepages.com/MCRT_ClassDiagram.html
> "The page you have requested could not be found. (404)"
> As an explanation of the meaning of eternal truth etcetera, this
> to me seems redolent of Douglas [of blessed memory] Adams'
> "God's last words to His/Her creatures":
> Regards
> Mark Peaty  CDES
> http://www.arach.net.au/~mpeaty/

Heh.  You don't find it because I decided to take it off my Google
space and instead up-load it here to the 'Everything-List'.  It's
under 'Files'.   Here it is:


At a superficial look it just names the 27 subject areas that I think
need to be researched for achieving a true TOE.  So it will valuable
for new-comers wanting to know what areas they should research.

At a deeper look though.....'42' (Hitch-Hiker's Gude) :D  I've put
'the answer' without the documenation ;)


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