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> Any scientific theory (including Darwin's) *is* more accurate when
> expressed in mathematical notation.  You *can* draw a clear
> distinction between the language used to express mathematical concepts
> and the concept itself.


> Pure math concepts themselves consist of:
> Formal Systems, Relations and Differential Equations.    They are
> abstract concepts  which are precisely defined

Not necessarily ....

> and it is provable
> matter to determine the equivalence (or not) of different symbolic
> representations of them.

Noooo.....  I hope I will be able to prove this in due time to David, 
but even if you limit yourself to one prrograming language, it is 
provable that you have no general tools to see if two different 
programs compute the same function. At some point this is important to 
Mathematical reality kicks back! (This goes in your direction).



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