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> Perhaps it's pretty farfetched, but my motive in thinking along these lines
> is not just that I want to see the doomsday argument wrong when applied to
> the lifetime of our civilization--it's that the doomsday argument can also
> be applied to our *individual* lifetimes, so that if my current
> observer-moment is "typical" the number of years I have left to live is
> unlikely to be too many times larger than the number of years I've lived
> already, and yet in this form it seems to be clearly incompatible with the
> argument for quantum immortality, which I also find pretty plausible (see my
> argument in favor of QI at
> http://groups.google.com/group/everything-list/msg/c88e55c668ac4f65 ).

Is the DA incompatible with QI? According to MWI, your measure in the
multiverse is constantly dropping with age as versions of you meet
their demise. According to DA, your present OM is 95% likely to be in
the first 95% of all OM's available to you. Well, that's why you're a
few decades old, rather than thousands of years old at the
ever-thinning tail end of the curve. But this is still consistent with
the expectation of an infinite subjective lifespan as per QI.

Stathis Papaioannou

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