Bruno Marchal wrote:
> ...
> If not, let us just say that your ultrafinitist hypothesis is too 
> strong to make it coherent with the computationalist hypo. It means 
> that you have a theory which is just different from what I propose. 
> And then I will ask you to be "ultra-patient", for I prefer to 
> continue my explanation, and to come back on the discussion on 
> hypotheses after. OK.
> Actually, my conversation with Tom was interrupted by Norman who fears 
> people leaving the list when matter get too much technical; 
Pay no attention to Norman. :-)

I attend to this list because I learn things from it and I learn a lot 
from your technical presentations.  I'm also doubtful of infinities, but 
they make things simpler; so my attitude is, let's see where the theory 
takes us.

Brent Meeker

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