Hi Bruno,

thank you for posting the solutions. Of course, I solved it by myself
and it was a fine relaxing time to do the paper work trying to be
rigorous, however, your solutions gave me additional insights, nice.

I am on the board for the sequel.


> I give the solution of the little exercises on the notion of bijection.

> So the sequel is:
> 1) Cantor's diagonal
> 2) are there universal computing machine? (Kleene's diagonal, and  
> Church thesis)
> 3) A fundamental theorem about universal computing machines. (All such  
> machine are imperfect, or insecure)
> Please ask questions. To miss math due to notation problem is like to  
> miss travels due to mishandling of the use of maps, or to miss love by  
> mishandling of the use of clothes ... It is missing a lot, for  
> mishandling a few I wanna say.

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