Welcome. I look forward to some stimulating discussions in the future.

On Tue, Jan 01, 2008 at 10:18:02AM -0800, Argand wrote:
> This is my joining post!
> I am a lecturer in mathematics and physics at a senior school in
> England
> my background is B.Sc and Master of Philosophy degrees in mathematical
> physics, the latter was by research in cosmology and general
> relativity - but this was some time ago.  I have published a few
> papers which relate to physical eschatology,  particularly  the
> simulation argument of Bostrom and the Omega point theory of Tipler.
> I am interested in how these ideas, along with the many worlds
> interpretation could fit together in the quantum theory of immortality.

A/Prof Russell Standish                  Phone 0425 253119 (mobile)
UNSW SYDNEY 2052                         [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Australia                                http://www.hpcoders.com.au

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