> There is a real existing "nothing" and there is a concept nonexistence
> and they should never be confused. The real nothing is common,
> "nothing in the refrigerator", a white canvas, empty space (the ideal
> or direction toward i.e., expansion). The real nothing is simply
> balance, uniformity, perfect symmetry.

Hmm - your real existing nothing is just a word without referent - like 
a null pointer.
Q: "What is on the paper?"

As answer you expect that what is written.
As the paper is still blank:
A: "Nothing."

You are being returned a null pointer, not a metaphysical reference to 
balance, uniformity, symmetry or whatever.

Your concept of _nonexistence_ would then be a metaphysical null 
pointer. Attributing either concept some kind of "existence" is major 
metaphysical error IMHO.

> It isn't a cancellation of
> properties or existence, it is a unification or synthesis into a
> single form, which we see as nothing. Cook everything in the frig
> together and you end up with one thing with far fewer properties. That
> property-less "one" in mathematics is zero.

These are all features of language. I recommend Niiniluoto's "Critical 
Scientific Realism" how to resolve these issues - indeed, how they have 
been resolved through diligent work of many philosophers (that does not 
mean that there is no disagreement anymore ;-))

> converging toward an infinitely small value. What we are doing is
> fragmenting zero, we are slicing it up into parts, and since our

You seem to have a certain preconception of what a number is; or at 
least develop a conception which one must not naturally share.

> high symmetry internally while relative to zero they are perfect
> asymmetry) and time evolves towards a whole other kind of order
> (unity, balance, perfect symmetry) which is actually the infinite

I suppose you do not mean the heat death of the universe. But what would 
perfect symmetry be but heat death?


Günther Greindl
Department of Philosophy of Science
University of Vienna

Blog: http://dao.complexitystudies.org/
Site: http://www.complexitystudies.org

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