Please take your time. As I said to Mirek we have all the time on this 
list. I know that your motivation consists in clarifying the notion and 
role of the "first person" in the unravelling of "everything", and I 
feel a bit uneasy that I have to go back on Cantor and most importantly 
on Kleene's diagonal argument for explaining that.
You can also ask me to go back on the motivations in case I am too 
technical or in case you loose the main line, which is something easy 
to do in a long multi-conversation.
What I have to do, before getting the math of the 1-person, is to 
explain the nuance between computability and provability, and then the 
nuance between provability which, like computability,  is a third 
person notion, and many 1-person (singular and/or plural) notions like 
knowability, observability and sensibility or sensitivity (I am still 
searching some words). And I have to make clear that all those notions 
are quite different from the notion of "truth".
But thanks telling me that you are still thinking on my posts, despite 
your short-of-time-ness (hmmm... that's not english).
I will perhaps give soon the solution of how to write a combinator 
which makes the system looping, though. It is not necessary to 
understand this to get the main point, but it is helpful for some 
people in providing example of universal system/language.

Have a good day,


Le 28-janv.-08, à 18:16, David Nyman a écrit :

> Bruno, I'm sorry that I'm very short of time just now, but just to let 
> you know I'm still trying to read and think about, if not comment, on 
> these posts.
> David
> On 28/01/2008, Bruno Marchal <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Le 25-janv.-08, à 21:10, Mirek Dobsicek a écrit :
>> >
>> > Bruno Marchal wrote:
>> >> Title: SUMMARY (was: OM = SIGMA_1)
>> >>
>> >> I send to David Nyman (the 06 Nov 2007) a little planning:
>>  >>
>> >> 1) Cantor's diagonal
>> >> 2) Does the universal digital machine exist?
>> >> 3) Lobian machines,  who and what are they?
>> >> 4) The 1-person and the 3- machine.
>> >> 5) Lobian machines' theology
>>  >> 6) Lobian machines' physics
>> >> 7) Lobian machines' ethics
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> Let me summarize what has been done and what remains to be done.
>> >
>> > Hi Bruno,
>> >
>>  > just want to let you know that I am still following your CT posts.
>> Thanks for saying. Don't hesitate to ask anything in case some points
>> are unclear.
>> > I
>> > hope to send my comments and/or 'OK' sign :-) on Monday.
>> Take it easy. There is no deadline on the list.
>> >
>> > Nice weekend to everyone,
>> Best,
>> Bruno
>> http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~marchal/
>  >

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