On Jan 6, 12:54 pm, Hal Ruhl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> My view has been that the Nothing is incomplete because it contains
> no ability to answer meaningful questions about itself and there is
> one it must answer and that is its duration.  This question is always
> asked and must be answered.  To answer it the Nothing must acquire
> information and become a Something.

I like that Hal. I describe it similarly, suggesting the original
asymmetry exists in the identity confusion of being everything and
nothing simultaneously. This produces two states, the masculine "I am
everything, you are nothing", (i.e., King of the world, all that
matters, "the self"), and the feminine "I am nothing, you are
everything" (all that matters, giving self over for family, spouse,
church, state). In the end there is the final "I am, you are
(infinity, God)" as well as "I am not, you are not (zero as nothing,
eastern emptiness)".

> Most initial Something landing pads - so to speak - will also be
> incomplete and continue the quest for completeness.  Such a quest
> must exhibit a monotonic increase in information in that Something.

Must and does, not just definitive information but also enfolded,
Bohm's implicate order. NOt just the exploring of distinct
possibilities, the slices of zero, but also a becoming of the
integrated whole, finally becoming or unifying with the everything.

> Therefore the initial observation of an incomplete and unstable
> Nothing has within it the imposition of an ordered sequence of
> compatible states for a Something each containing more information
> than the last - that is the imposition of time.

A natural impetus built into the timeless reality.

> Each step of the quest has an equal but opposite twin and so to
> minimize selection a Something bifurcates at each one.

INdeed, conservation of zero. There is always an equal opposite.

> The Everything contains enough Nothings [meaningful question: How
> many more Nothings beyond 1 are in the Everything?  Minimum selection
> response: unlimited.] so that all paths to completeness are followed
> over and over forever.

Eternal inflation, are followed, will all be followed, have all been
followed, with each path ending at the final state of knowing itself
as both nothing and everything, Omega, completeness, zero, oneness,
returning home to know itself for the first time.
Cool stuff Hal!
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