Hi John and Tom:

Below is a first try at a more precise expression of my current model.

1) Assume [A-Inf] - a complete, divisible ensemble of A-Inf that 
contains its own divisions.

2) [N(i):E(i)] are two component divisions of [A-Inf] where i is an 
index [as are j, k, p, r, t, v, and z below] and the N(i) are empty 
of any [A-Inf] and the E(i) contain all of [A-Inf].
{Therefore [A-Inf] is a member of itself, and i ranges from 1 to infinity}

3) S(j) are divisions of [A-Inf] that are not empty of [A-Inf].

4) Q(k) are divisions of [A-Inf] that are not empty of [A-Inf].

5) mQ(p) intersect S(p).
  {mQ(p) are meaningful questions for S(p)}

6) umQ(r) should intersect S(r) but do not, or should intersect N(r) 
but can not.
{umQ(r) are un-resolvable meaningful questions}.

7) Duration is a umQ(t) for N(t) and makes N(t) unstable so it 
eventually spontaneously becomes S(t).
  {This umQ(t) bootstraps time.}

8) Duration can be a umQ(v) for S(v) and if so makes S(v) unstable so 
it eventually spontaneously becomes S(v+1)
  {Progressive resolution of umQ, evolution.}

9) S(v) can have a simultaneous multiplicity of umQ(v).

10) S(v+1) is always greater than S(v) regarding its content of [A-Inf].
  {progressive resolution of incompleteness} {Dark energy?} {evolution}

11) S(v+1) need not resolve [intersct with] all umQ(v) of S(v) and 
can have new umQ(v+1).
  {randomness, developing filters[also 8,9,10,11], creativity, that 
is the unexpected, variation.}

12) S(z) can be divisible.

13) Some S(z) divisions can have observer properties [also S 
itself??]: Aside from the above the the S(v) to S(v+1) transition can 
include shifting intersections among S subdivisions that is 
communication, and copying.

Perhaps one could call [A-Inf] All Information.

Well its a first try.

Hal Ruhl

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