Brian Tenneson:
> Why is the universe a subset of the set "information" (which I assume is
> defined in the article) and why can it not be formalized?
> On Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 1:38 AM, Zen_Ved <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> >
> > As to "Algebraic Physics"; as well as to Wei Dai's ``everything''
> > questionnaire:
> >
> > -  possibly that it will be rather useful to read
> >
> > , V5 (and the first couple of
> > pages in V1).
> >
> > Note also briefly: the Universe (Universes ) is/are subsets of a very
> > specific set ? of the set "Information"; and this set   principally
> > can not be formalised - in any "Algebraic Physics".

***"(which I assume is defined in the article) "***

- if you have read the paper “the Information and the Matter”, PDF,
in the link , V5 (and the first
couple of  pages in V1) -then it is possible, that it would not be
this (and others) question in your post.

The concept “information” (as well as the set “Information”) is/are
utmost common and fundamental thing(s), so it can be defined only
through itself – what isn’t correct; or – evidentially not completely
– through it’s properties.
Among the properties, e.g., there is  the property of the information
that the information is unique thing which is (can be) “absolutely”
exact. At that – very small (in reality – infinitesimal if the all set
is considered) change in “Shannon” information can lead to large
change in the information. Simple example – for physics the accuracy
10^-7 is rather good accuracy, but if somebody makes a mistake on 1 in
a phone number, he can obtain any result outside desired.

That's only one property that practically exclude the possibility of
formalization of the concept/set  Information - it is too bufircative.
Besides – it is  ultimately infinite to be formalised by using any
finite language; etc...

So – it would be better to read the paper-?


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