"John Mikes" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>  wrote on  Thursday, September 11,
2008 3:49 AM

>I tried to scroll along this discussion - *in vain*. My *"mind"* is not
> strong enough for that. I picked out portions to reply, while reading, then
> other parts washed them away and at the end I sit here blank.

It originated from my manuscript, located in PDF form at 
; other locations are mentioned in my first post to the topic. I can
send you a PDF or other file format if you require it, or post a
public copy at this group, subject to permissions.

I will be happy to discuss any further details of the original
published manuscript, either here or by email.

Other posted comments would basically have to be referred back to
their authors, but I can certainly comment further on anything I have
seen on this group..

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