On 24/10/2008, at 4:14 PM, Brent Meeker wrote:

> I'm not sure what distinction you're making.  As far as I'm concerned
> feelings=emotions.

Brent which of the following portray 'feelings' and which portray  

I have a ( ) my uranium shares might go up soon

I have a ( ) it might rain

God exists. If you don't agree then you must be a freakin &+*&&*I

I had a ( ) that someone was trying to manipulate me

I had this ( ) that things will work out OK between us

God does not exist. If you can't reason that you must be a &^*H*$!@

I'm suggesting that emotions are tethered to survival need and  
protection of values etc.

There is radical brain-chemistry change of state under emotions

They have a physical effect on the organism having them that can be  
spotted easily by a 3rd party

Feelings are mildly intellectual sensations of value that we have that  
give us a compass for general decision-making (not warefare or survival)

Not the same chemistry involved at all

Do you feel like tea or coffee, Brent?

Or would you prefer to see Sarah Palin ripped to shreds by a pack of  




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