On 24/10/2008, at 5:47 PM, Brent Meeker wrote:

>> There is radical brain-chemistry change of state under emotions
>> They have a physical effect on the organism having them that can be
>> spotted easily by a 3rd party
>> Feelings are mildly intellectual sensations of value that we have  
>> that
>> give us a compass for general decision-making (not warefare or  
>> survival)
> OK, but that's just a matter of degree, a question of how much the  
> person cares.
> So you take feelings to be mild the emotions which are easily  
> concealed.
>> Not the same chemistry involved at all
> How do you know that?

OK - I don't 'know' that except in the sense of having the feeling  
that I read it somewhere - usually New Scientist...
I'm sure that I could dig up the appropriate reference for you but I  
think you should maybe trust my 'feelings' on this ;-)


maybe I just have this emotional need for that to be true.....you  
could easily accuse me of that; in fact you're too polite!

Feeling=knowing in the sense of recognising (ie a form of perception -  
the mind's information gathering task; if something fits a recognised,  
filed pattern we assign it a value so we can extract usefulness )

I am keen to see discussion on this point.

Feelings are perception via internal mapping functions (probably  
memory-related - as in this worked well/this didn't work well)

Emotions are needs (serviced by logic in battle such as debate and  
other forms of information processing)


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