On 17 Nov 2008, at 00:29, Michael Rosefield wrote:

> If there is a split, does it create differentiated consciousnesses?  
> I doubt it.

I guess you are talking about the QM splitting, and not the comp- 
splitting. In both case it is better to talk about consciousness  
differentiation instead of "real universe spliiting".
The idea is that the state ME X (up + down) is the same state as M X  
up + ME X down, when I am on the side of a particlle in the state UP +  
DOWN. Only if I observe it, my memory will differentiate into  
ME(seeing UP) X up + ME(seeing down) X down, where "ME(seeing up)"  
represents the state of ME with my memory of have seen the particle  
with spin UP, and "X" represents the usual tensor product.

This is what is predicted by QM-without collapse. The QM + collapse  
says that the state "ME(seeing UP) X up + ME(seeing down) X down"  
colapse into ME(seeing UP) X up, or ME(seeing down) X down, with some  
probability. Such a collapse does contradict the wave equation, and  
for each precise proposition of a physical collapse, experiments  
exists which have refuted it. The collapse makes also no sense in  
special and general relativity, and is pure non sense in quantum  

All this, of course is not relevant, given that QM without collapse  
uses the comp hypothesis (or some weakenings) which forces to derive  
the SWE from the "superposition states" inherent to the arithmetical  
computationalist dovetailing.

Quantum Mechanicians still presuppose a material world (be it a  
multiverse), but this just cannot work (by UDA+MGA). Soon I will  
explain MGA on the list. I have yet to be sure people really  
understand why it is needed.

Bruno Marchal

> Perhaps there are two main causes of splitting: where an event would  
> cause different 'observables', or where an event by necessity breaks  
> the mechanism of consciousness into different streams. In the latter  
> case, there could be a 'connective-tissue' of undecohered universes  
> containing weird brains-in-superposition; these aren't  
> consciousness, but perhaps we get a bit of bleed-through from the  
> edges.
> Or is that just too darned uninformed and ridiculous...?
> 2008/11/16 Günther Greindl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> For instance, you don't have to perform a QM-experiment with explicit
> setup, looking around is enough - photons hit your eyes with different
> polarizations; why should no splitting occur here?
> Why only in the case where you perform an up/down-amplification  
> experiment?
> >


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