On 17 Nov 2008, at 04:41, Brent Meeker wrote:

> But does un-implemented mean not implemented in any language?

This is a vague question depending of the context. If you have find a  
beautiful algorithm, and your boss asks you if you have implemented  
it, well, if you have not implemente, there is a sense to say the  
algorithm is un-implemented relatively to you and to your boss. Of  
course you can tell your boss that the algorithm is implemented an  
infinity of times in Plato Heaven (or in the standard model of  
arithmetic), but he will probably not be satisfied with that answer.

> But all possible implementations is a logical concept that exists only
> in platonia - so what is the distinction between implemented and
> un-implemented computations.

I was discussing with Kory, where we were meaning  "un-implemented" by  
"not implemented in the material world", assuming there is one, or for  
those who grasp UDA (including MGA): un-implemented means un- 
implemented relatively to the most probable computations executed  
(mathematically) by the UDA (interpreted in any model of arithmetic:  
the "running" is itself a mathematical object).

Brent, have you understand the seven first step of UDA? Then you  
shorld understand that the only correct way to predict, in principle,  
any experiment (like dropping a pen) consists in putting a measure on  
uncertainty on the set of all computations going through your state of  
mind when you are doing the experiment, and seeing what happens in the  
"majority" of computational histories. All right?
Don't worry if you don't like that, you will still have plenty of  
reason to criticize the proof by objecting on MGA. the UDA-without MGA  
is the easy part. MGA is far more subtle and complex. The complexity  
stems from philosophy of mind.


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