If there is a split, does it create differentiated consciousnesses? I doubt
it. Perhaps there are two main causes of splitting: where an event would
cause different 'observables', or where an event by necessity breaks the
mechanism of consciousness into different streams. In the latter case, there
could be a 'connective-tissue' of undecohered universes containing weird
brains-in-superposition; these aren't consciousness, but perhaps we get a
bit of bleed-through from the edges.

Or is that just too darned uninformed and ridiculous...?

2008/11/16 Günther Greindl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> For instance, you don't have to perform a QM-experiment with explicit
> setup, looking around is enough - photons hit your eyes with different
> polarizations; why should no splitting occur here?
> Why only in the case where you perform an up/down-amplification experiment?

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