The second step of the MGA, consists in making a change to MGA 1 so  
that we don't have to introduce that unreasonable amount of cosmic  
luck, or of apparent randomness. It shows the "lucky" aspect of the  
coming information is not relevant. Jason thought on this sequel.

Let us consider again Alice, which, as you know as an artificial  
brain, made of logic gates.
Now Alice is sleeping, and doing a dream---like Carroll's original  

Today we know that a REM dream is a conscious experience, or better an  
experience of consciousness, thanks to the work of Hearne Laberge,  
Dement, etc.
Malcolm's theory of dream, where dream are not conscious, has been  
properly refuted by Hearne and Laberge experiences. (All reference can  
be found in the bibliography of my "long thesis". Ask me if you have  
problem to find them.

I am using a dream experience instead of an experience of awakeness  
for having less technical problems and being shorter on the relevant  
points. I let you do the change as an exercise if you want. If you  
have understood UDA up to the sixth step, such change are easy to do.  
To convince Brent Meeker, you will have to put the environment,  
actually its digital functional part in the "generalized brain",  
making the general setting much longer to describe. (If the part of  
the environment needed for consciousness to proceed is not Turing  
emulable, then you already negate MEC of course).

The dream will facilitate the experience. It is known that in a REM  
dream we are paralyzed (no outputs), we are cut out from the  
environment: (no inputs, well not completely because you would not  
hear the awakening clock, but let us not care about this, or do the  
exercise above), ... and we are hallucinating: the dream is a natural  
sort of video game. It shows that the brain is at least a "natural"  
virtual reality generator. OK?

Alice has already an artificial digital brain. This consists in a  
boolean tridimensional  graph with nodes being NOR gates, and vertex  
being wires. For the MEC+MAT believer, the dream is produced by the  
physical activity of the "circular digital information processing"  
done by that boolean graph.

With MEC, obviously all what matter is that the boolean graph  
processes the right computation, and we don't have to take into  
account the precise  position of the gates in space. They are not  
relevant for the computation (if things like that were relevant we  
would already have said "no" to the doctor. So we can topologically  
deform Alice boolean graph brain and project it on a plane so that no  
gates overlap. Some wires will cross, but (exercise) the crossing of  
the wires function can itself be implemented with NOR gates. (A  
solution of that problem, posed by Dewdney, has been given in the  
Scientific American Journal (and is displayed in "Conscience et  
M├ęcanisme" with the reference).

So Alice's brain can be made into a plane boolean graph.

Also, a MEC+MAT believer should not insist on the electrical nature   
of the communication by wires, nor on the electrical nature of the  
processing of the information by the gates, so that we can use optical  
information instead. Laser beams play the role of the wires, and some  
destructive interference can be used for the NOR. The details are not  
relevant, given that I am not presenting a realist experiment (below,  
or later, if people harass me with too much engineering question,  I  
will propose a completely different representation of the same (with  
respect to the relevance of the reasoning) situation, by using the  
even less realist Ned Block Chinese People Computer: it can be used  
for making clear no magic is used in what follows, with the price that  
its overall implementation is very unrealist, given that the neurons  
are the chinese willingly playing that role.

So, now, we put Alice's brain, which has become a two dimensional  
optical boolean graph, in between two planes of transparent solid  
material, glass, and we add a sort of "clever" fluid cristal together  
with the graph,in between the glass plates. The fluid cristal is  
supposed to have the following peculiar property (which certainly is  
hard to implement concretely but which is possible in principle). Each  
time a beam of light trigs a line between two nodes, it trigs a laser  
beam in the "good" direction between the two optical gates, with the  
correct frequency-color (to keep right the functioning of the NOR).

This works well, and we can let that brain work  from time t1 to t2,  
where Alice dreams specifically, for fixing the matter, that she is in  
front of a mushroom, talking with a caterpillar who sits on the  
Muschroom (all right?). We have beforehand save the instantaneous  
state corresponding to the begining of that dream, so as to be able to  
repeat that precise graph activity.

Each time we allow the graph doing the computation corresponding to  
the dream (which exists by MEC), the believer in MAT, who believes in  
the physical supervenience thesis, has to admit Alice is conscious, in  
the sense of having the experience of consciousness of her (non lucid)  
dream: she feels herself talking with a caterpillar for example.

Now we film that active graph, with a high resolution camera.

As you have most probably already guess, that film constitutes our  
home made "lucky cosmic explosion" generator, corresponding to Alice's  
dream experience.

So let us suppose that poor Alice got, again, a not very good optical  
plane graph, so that some (1 to many to all, again) NOR gates break  
down, in that precise computation corresponding to her dream  
experience. And let us project, in real time, with the correct  
scaling, the movie we have made, on the graph, playing its role of a  
repeatable lucky rays generator.

If Alice remains conscious in MGA 1, through MEC and MAT, Alice  
remains conscious in this setting too, all right?

In the ALL gates broken case, we have really, *only a movie* of  
Alice's brain activity. Does consciousness arise from the projection  
of that movie?

Should a believer in MEC+MAT believes that?


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