> Well what is the entire state of the universe ? if it is an infinite
> string then it cannot be computational, it is not simulable.

I tend to think our universe is finite. The multiverse, that's another
story... But even in an infinite universe, we could have a finite
consciousness computation that could potentially depend on any part of
the state of the universe, without being possible to know which part a
priori. Someone could always argue that playing the film failed to
recreate consciousness because you left a certain part of the universe
out. I don't actually believe any of this to be the case, I'm just
playing devil's advocate...

> Also if all my consciousness depends on all the universe, then it
> depends also on yours (and everything else) that I know you or not... I
> believe this a lot improbable.

I wouldn't know how to measure the probability of such a thing being
true, but I think at least you agree that it is possible, and that's
enough to cause us problems.


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