On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 11:55:37AM +0100, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> About MGA 3, I feel almost a bit ashamed to explain that. To believe 
> that the projection of the movie makes Alice conscious, is almost like 
> explaining why we should not send Roger Moore (James Bond) in jail, 
> giving that there are obvious movie where he clearly does not respect 
> the speed limitation (grin). Of course this is not an argument.
> Bruno

There is a world of difference between the James Bond movie, which is
clearly not the same as the actor in flesh and blood, and the sort of
movie used in your MGA, which by definition is indistinguishable in
all important respects from the original conscious being. It is
important not to let our intuitions misguide us at this point. Brent
was effectively making the same point, about when unlikely events
become indistinguishable from impossible.



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