> However, I do start getting uncomfortable when I realize that this  
> lucky teleportation can happen over and over again, and if it happens  
> fast enough, it just reduces to sheer randomness that just happens to  
> be generating an ordered pattern that looks like Kory. I have a hard  
> time understanding how a mechanist can consider a bunch of random  
> numbers to be conscious. If that's the kind of magic you're referring  

I think that is the major attraction of "mathematical universes" - that 
the order emerges "after the fact" - out of random patterns.

The order would take over the function of causality in a materialist 

Causality, as Brent (I think) has mentionend, is still not really 
understood. What physicists mean is actually a certain kind of locality 
- and macro-causality emerges as a statistical mean.

This is already not so far from "order from randomness" (in platonia 
locality would also be an "after the fact", a "physical" feature).

Bruno takes the whole step, dumps matter, and let's mind emerge from 
arithmetic truth.

What I think fascinating is why we then find ourselves as "single 
persons" - if one dumps matter, why is not an arbitrary ordering out of 
the "number mess" conscious of being many persons at once (in the matter 
picture: being aware of superpositions).

Why then the feeling of being a single person?
In Bruno's system: why are OM's tied to single persons?


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