I wrote:

> Abram wrote
>> --When I tell you my bet about which movie I will see, I am not
>> minimizing the chance of being condemned to hell, I am minimizing the
>> number of my copies that will be so carried.
> ?

OK. I was distracted. To do this by altruism?  And  *you* (in your  
sense) you die.
Is this what you mean?

And you say "yes" to the doctor because you die at each instant.

And you still care about the quality and seriousness of the doctor  
because you care by altruism for the copy.

With MEC we have indeed this at each instant ( through QM or not).

But then, you will have to think about anything you do in the future  
as an act of altruism. You take a cigarette because you care about the  
satisfaction feeling of the "copy" who will smoke it, and you abandon  
the cigarette because you care of the lungs of the copies of the future.

Egoism as pure self-altruisme, why not? But then, assuming MEC, any  
statement of any laws (physical, arithmetical, juridic, etc.) concerns  
our copies, and this means that taking this point of view or not is  
not relevant in the reasoning, we have still to derive the laws, be it  
by altruism or egoism according to the interpretation of identity.

Hmmm... If you were correct, it seems to me you should say "he" when  
you talk about yourself in the future. I love coffee so he will drink  

I think that if you put yourself in the place of the polycopies, none  
will feel like that except a few exception. I mean the quasi-tautology  
that none *feels* dying at each instant.  You have to meditate eight  
hours per day during eight years or to eat or smoke something  
(legal!), or to die, or perhaps to dream for PERHAPS get a feeling of  
what dying could be, according to some.

But your view is coherent and rather cool too, so let us continue the  
UDA reasoning, by altruism for *all* our descendants and why not the  
many others descendant to:)

It is also a pity to think that you will die the time I finish this  
sentence. You think now you have survived that reading, but you  
did'nt, you are the copy.

Computability can be thought as a topological notion. MEC is the  
assumption that I, and my continuous life, is preserved in  
teleportation, and polyplication (duplication and other self- 

(I know you are playing the role of the "time person skeptic").



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