If I understand the "standard" MWI right (with my layman brain) Abram
Demski's view of time is very much in accordance with it, except that
time should be looked at simply as a fourth space dimension. A bird's
eye view on the whole universe (= all it's "actualized" worlds) would
be like a static picture where, lets say, the beginning (big bang) is
at the left side (or right if you're Chinese), the present in the
middle, and the future at the right. Of course this (2-dimensional)
picture is extremely simplified but the idea behind is true (if I
understand Everett and others, mainly Deutsch and Tegmark in their
popular papers, right). Memory is then nothing but "marks" in the
brain, and consciousness just like other moving things in nature with
a (relatively) stable structure (a body, river, plant, etc), only more
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