On Apr 26, 1:08 am, Brent Meeker <meeke...@dslextreme.com> wrote:
> These are "edges" in time, i.e. a future boundary and a past boundary.
> If these two boundaries are different then we are not longer talking
> about a state, we're talking about an interval, furthermore an interval
> that has duration and direction.


I think you should re-read my post.  I think you missed something.

> > Well, I'm not sure how much of the brain's information is needed to
> > represent a particular state of consciousness.  But I don't think that
> > it's a crucial question.
> It's a crucial question if the answer is "more than what is in an
> instant of consciousness."

Why is it a crucial question in that case?  I don't see what you're
getting at.

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