Perhaps atheism is necessary as a stepping stone to a more correct  
theology? Materialistic atheism is not irrational, being on the side  
of reason, but it may be illogical, given the advanced view of reality  
we are adopting on this list that challenges the myth of a hard  
material substratum.


I can see a distinct need for this illogicality.

de Bono says that the mind goes from equilibrium to equilibrium which  
means we only ever see/perceive what the mind is prepped by belief to  

The mind craves stable states - we cope very badly with change we  
ourselves are not controlling or desiring

We literally cannot see what we do not already possess some kind of  
belief/theory/hypothesis/guess etc. about

that's the magnificent thing about hominid minds - they're able to  
"make sense" of anything at all; without this faculty we wouldn't have  
gotten this far

But it's also a worry

We find it extremely difficult to switch our perception away from our  
favourite, automated patterns of recognition
Anything new will only be judged by the knowledge of the past i.e. the  
sequence of arrival of all information converted to knowledge up to  
that point. Anything truly new cannot therefore be understood easily.

This is the "mathematical necessity" for Lateral Thinking and other  
disruptive mental operations that reboot perception so that previously  
hidden realities come into purview.

It's also how humour works, another reason humour is an incredibly  
significant part of thinking.

This would mean that atheism would be like a provocative operation  
designed to perturb the fake certainty of most religion so that  
perhaps a new appreciation based on renewed and broader perception  
comes about.

as de Bono says "it can be perfectly logical to be illogical at times."


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