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> So - going back to God then, let's maybe do an OPV on him/her/it
> Hint:
> If I can't do an OPV on God, then I'm not convinced that:
> 1. God is a person (100% convinced)
> 2. There is a God (74% convinced)

People here keep thinking that I am trying to "convince" people that
God is a person and/or that there is a God.  Let me give you a hint
that that's not the kind of thing that I would think is worthwhile to
try to "convince" people about my wife.  ("convince" Wow, we
westerners sure thing we have a lot of power.)  And even if I thought
that it was worthwhile, I certainly wouldn't go about try to
accomplish that by doing an OPV with that person about my wife.

But thanks, this brings up something I forgot to mention explicitly
about what I think is essential about being a person: relationship
with other people.  Not OPVs, too third-person for personhood.  It
takes two to tango.  Sorry to all of us who have been caught up in
individualism.  I am a rock, I am an island.  Islands do too die.
Perhaps this is what you were trying to get at with your own take on a
belief that God is a person, a feeling that it's somehow more
"symmetrical" than "organized religion" has tried to keep us


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