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> On May 4, 6:13 am, Stathis Papaioannou <stath...@gmail.com> wrote:
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>> > I agree that religion, and a lot of other stuff, produces a lot of
>> > fake certainty.  Not good.  So that implies that atheism is the way to
>> > go?
>> > But doesn't it make sense that if God were personal, and a human
>> > person like us could relate to him/her as a person, then that would
>> > result in expanding our consciousness?
>> Perhaps. But saying that something would be nice doesn't have any any
>> bearing whatsoever on whether it is so.
>> --
>> Stathis Papaioannou
> The purpose of my questions was to question the suggested advantage of
> using atheism as the [preferred] fixed point from which to view the
> universe [by a person].  As part of the process of calling Kim's
> suggestion into question, I'm suggesting the the consideration of the
> possibility that the fact that we are persons is more profound than
> simply being inescapable, but is fundamental.

That we are persons, conscious, have feelings is an obvious truth and
an important truth, and maybe even a fundamental truth. But I don't
see how that leads to the idea of big, supernatural person. This is
the same sort of thinking that led more primitive people to the idea
of a sky god, or a fertility god, or a god for whatever else they
(quite legitimately) considered profound and important.

Stathis Papaioannou

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