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> So,in terms of the many worlds interpretation, what is the standard
> narrative explanation of the double slit experiment?

I guess you are referring to the materialist MWI of QM, and not to the 
idealist MWI of Arithmetic (often discussed here).
I suggest you read the book by David Deutsch "The Fabric of Reality" 
which motivates the QM MWI from the two slits experiments (well David 
uses four slits for making it clearer). You can ask supplementary 
questions on the FOR mailing list if you have still problems.

> In particular, in "MWI-speak", what exactly happens when you know
> which slit the photon has passed through that causes the interference
> pattern disappear?

You get entangled with the outcome (which slit the phton has gone 
through). Your 2^aleph_zero consciousness states differentiate into 
about two continuum of "worlds" where you can remember which slit the 
photon has gone through. Measurement let you know in which relative 
part you are in the multiverse-partition defined by your measuring 

> Also, what is the MWI-based explanation for the quantum eraser
> experiment?

Erasing memory is the main way to fuse, or undifferentiate the QM (or 
comp) states, so that you can prepare an experiment corresponding to 
another partition of the multiverse. Saibal Mitra has proposed recently 
on the list some exploitation of this feature. Search his name on the 
arxiv.org, in the quant-phys part: "Changing the past by forgetting".

Bruno Marchal


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