On 02 Jul 2009, at 00:22, John Mikes wrote:

> I don't deny the practicality of applying 'numbers-based' science in  
> sending a man to Mars, but it is NOT the numbers that does the job.  
> It is the complexity of the state of the art we reached, which  
> includes science, technology, skills, ideas AND of course numbers- 
> application. Bohm's idea - as I understood it - was that searching  
> nature, you do not bounce into numbers,  you can observe 3-leaf or  
> 4legged and manyshaped things, big and small, YOU (the human) can  
> 'count them' if you invented the symbols 1 2 3 4 etc. but these  
> refer to quantities and it required lots of abstracting in mental  
> evolution to arrive in a numbers-based math - how humans think about  
> nature.

I know well that theory. It is based on the idea that some primary  
Nature exists. A common "superstition" among christians and atheists.  
Which could be true, actually. I don't know.

But what I am almost completely sure, is that if comp is true, then it  
is has to be supersitution. And that is what I try to explain.

> Thanks again and my mind works in crooked ways, if you can excuse me  
> for that. It seems I need too much learning to catch up.

You are welcome. If you have the time and courage, I really encourage  
you to follow the thread. You may be surprised ... soon!



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