On 13 Jul 2009, at 09:38, Kim Jones wrote:

> On 11/07/2009, at 6:24 AM, Bruno Marchal wrote:
>> I am also a bit anxious about Kim, who is the one who suggested me  
>> the
>> initial explanations, but who seems to have disappear right now.
> OK - I'm back.

I am quite glad you are back, and alive!

> Since May 27 to two days ago I have been without
> Internet access.

Well, that is form of death nowadays. I wish you an happy resurrection.

> I made the mistake of upgrading my Broadband plan to add Internet
> phone. It took two telcos a month to complete this ridiculously basic
> operation with mistakes made and attendant extra waiting times.
> Then, just as the connection was restored at the beginning of July,
> the plumbing in this block of apartments fell apart and a major
> excavation work went ahead and this time the plumbers cut the phone
> cable and didn't realise it which meant I wasted another week trying
> to get the problem diagnosed.

Matter kicks back, even with comp!

> So now finally everything is back to normal. I have just started
> reading this thread and can see that the class is a very exclusive
> one! I will try my best to follow through on the exercises and the
> comments, corrections. I feel I have access to the correct
> mathematical symbols on my Mac now but *time* is the thing that I
> don't have much of anymore, so I feel a bit depressed about the level
> of effort I can devote to it. If only we didn't have to work for a
> living things would be vastly easier.

You are right. Take your time and ask any question. I will try to sum  
up through the next posts.

> The notion of sets is indeed a tricky one. I am just now going over
> the initial exercises again. Do not wait for me. I am also trying to
> catch up on about 4,000 emails.


> Bruno - my sincerest apologies for this hiatus. You seem eager to get
> to the seventh and eighth steps. Why wouldn't you be.

No, we have all the time. I just answered to posts, and made  
elementary recalls of math. But I realize that some people have not  
follow any course in set theory. In Belgium it was taught as "modern  
math" during 10 years in high school, and then it has disappeared  
(alas 1000X). The discrepancy between the math level of different  
people is very big, but the shortcut I am pursuing now, should not be  
insurmountable. I will make the next posts as self-contained as  
possible, but please interrupt when you feel I am esoteric.

Have a good day,



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