Hi Brent,
> You are asserting monism.  But the One, the ur-stuff, is 
> ineffable/unknowable. 
> So when we place ourselves in the world it is by making distinctions within 
> the 
> unity.  To become distinct from the background (the One) is what it means to 
> be 
> RITSIAR.  Right?
> Brent
How do you know that the One, the ur-stuff, is ineffable/unknowable?  If 
your being, for example, was the ur-stuff (I assume you mean akin to 
urelements in set theory), then it is "effable" and knowable.

You have written about it, and at least two of its properties, and so it 
is not completely ineffable, yes?
So I think it is "effable" even if it is exceedingly difficult to 
describe fully.  What I'm having trouble believing is that it is unknowable.


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