Hello Mirek,
                    Let us recall that Socrates was famous for setting up 
straw men who usually agreed to every step of his proof and were finally 
forced by logic, against their previous judgments, to accept his 
conclusions. I would dearly love to see an unedited video of the Binary 
lesson you cite. As a former teacher, I suspect there would be a lot more 
"noise" of every variety than is communicated by the clear, short questions 
and even shorter answers of this lesson.
                   To his credit, Bruno has definitely tried to supply 
interesting situations to illustrate his points, but either they weren't 
interesting enough or the problem was too complex to master no matter how 
imaginative the presentation. I may never reach the seventh step but from 
here, the mountain top looks magnificent with the sun rising behind it. 
                                            marty a.

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Hi Marty,

thanks a lot for your reply. I was really interested in whether the
lesson would work with you.

I had the pleasure to teach the binary arithmetic to kids in summer
school camps, in the grammar school and to university students as well.
Some kids/students got it quite easily some did not. And then, recently,
I have read that socratic article. Since I really like and enjoy
teaching, I spent some time analyzing the article and one of the points
I realized is that there was always some sort of satisfaction and
accomplishment at each step taken. And you said you was missing these
feelings during the introduction to the set theory.

So if you have said that you got hooked-up to math by that socratic
method... Bruno would definitely took the hint in his seveth step serii.


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