On 26 Aug 2009, at 13:10, Mirek Dobsicek wrote:

> So if you have said that you got hooked-up to math by that socratic
> method... Bruno would definitely took the hint in his seveth step  
> serii.

I appreciate very much the Socratic method, and I apply it as much as  
possible. The UDA itself is a sequence of questions, and I teach  
students mainly by asking questions.

But this really can work only if the students ask themselves questions  

For some reason some people does not dare to ask question. I think  
they could be afraid to slow me down, but it does not matter, given  
that there is no deadline. I try to encourage to ask questions, even  
out-of-line, but without too much success. I guess a question of taste  
is involved, and personal history with math, lack of thrust in  
oneself, and I can't force anybody to take the time to study, prepare  
questions, etc.

Of course, I don't think I could use a pure socratic method, like in  
your example, because there is much more material involved.

Another difficulty comes from the fact that the level and background  
of those participating are very different, and it is hard, especially  
with so few feedback to satisfy everybody. It is already very  
different according to the fact that you have or not get some "modern  
math" in high school or not ...

I am preparing, slowly (I'm rather busy),  the next "seven step  
serie". Please ask question if anything is unclear. Any question or  
remark can help, you, me, and some others.



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