I was wondering if you could help me flesh out an idea. It's related to the questions "is reality dynamic or static," and of determinism versus non-determinism. Also another question that plagues me is What breathes dynamism into static principalities?

I view our world as being on a static or dynamic (to be decided later) storage device of some sort. This stored set of scenarios is "read" by a temporal mechanism, aka transition and change, to give us the impression that things really are dynamic. The reading of the film exposes something that time changes. But if you look at the sum of all instantiations of the film being read, this sum is a fixed set of scenarios.

The DVD metaphor.

There is a DVD (ie, recording), let's call it DVD#1, which is the film and it is read by a "laser" and that laser transitions by some temporal mechanism. DVD#1 doesn't change, the way it is looked at changes. This change implies the existence of time relative to DVD#1. In my metaphor, the film, which is DVD#1, is the totality of all observations an any observer could have.

Now say someone films me watching DVD#1 and call this a new DVD, DVD#2. DVD#2 doesn't change, the way it is looked at changes. This change implies the existence of time relative to DVD#2, yet DVD#2 is actually static.

Continue indefinitely. Let n denote an arbitrary number. We've got DVD#n for all n>=1. DVD#n is the DVD created by filming an observer that is observing DVD#(n-1).

What significance does the union of all these DVD#n have, if any?

It would appear that dynamism and stasis are juxtaposed in an unending hierarchy and saying "time exists" (ie, reality is dynamic) and saying "time does not exist" (ie, reality is static), is equivalent to saying the light is on if it is flipped once per second forever. In essence, this hierarchy is like a divergent series (by which I roughly mean union).

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